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Trutech Products has a rich transformer manufacturing experience and is leading the domain as one of the best Auto Transformer Manufacturers In Pune. Being robustly constructed, Auto Transformers ensure stress-free voltage regulation and help you get variable voltage at the output. We have a manufacturing unit packed with sophisticated resources to design and provide sturdy and superior solutions at industry-leading prices. We check their performance and functioning on various grounds and satisfy clients with the best.

Attributes Of Auto Transformer That Stand It Ahead Includes:

  • Offer high efficiency and is safe for multiple applications.
  • Require smaller existing current than 2-winding transformers.
  • It requires less copper than a regular transformer of a similar rating.
  • Has a compact size that can be installed with ease and ensure effortless operations.
  • Has better voltage regulation and operates at a higher efficiency compared to a transformer of the same rating.


  • Electrical Apparatus
  • Boosters In Ac Feeders
  • Synchronous motors and induction motors

What Stands Us Ahead Of The Competition For Auto Transformer In Pune, India?

  • Work for maximum client satisfaction.
  • Comply with defined industry standards.
  • Constructed using superior quality material.
  • Ensure unmatched quality is delivered to you.
  • Follow ethical manufacturing practices and provide timely delivery.
Smooth Voltage Regulations With Our Auto Transformers!

Being highly appreciable among Auto Transformer Exporters and Suppliers In India, we test every unit on multiple grounds. You can drop your direct enquiry via the website or call our experts now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Special Quality Do You Have Over Others?

Trutech Products is one of the remarkable Auto Transformer Manufacturers in India, which offers you the best quality standard that matches the international market grades. We use superior quality raw materials and design the product with modern machinery. We blend our innovation and creativity to bring the most efficient Auto Transformer. We are backed by highly trained experts who never mind putting extra effort into supplying top-notch quality with utmost precision and safety. Our dedication and hard work help us to stand out of the curve.

What Are The Types Of Products You Offer?

Here are a few products that we have for you. Check the list:

  • Control Transformer
  • Step-Down Transformer
  • Step-Up Transformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Three-Phase Transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Special Purpose Transformer, etc.

What Is The Meaning Of Insulation Class Of Auto Transformer?

It is a way of referencing insulating materials in their ability for the long run when they are operated in different temperatures. It is impossible and confusing to describe the insulations by letter designations. It is better to describe it as an insulation system.

What Is Meant By Indoor Or Outdoor Transformer?

As the name suggests, the transformer only suitable for indoor operations is called an Indoor transformer. Those which are designed for both indoor and outdoor functions are Outdoor transformers. We have both categories so choose the best one you want.

Can Auto Transformers Be Used In Parallel?

The Auto Transformer with single phase only can be used in parallel and only in a condition when the impedances and voltages are equal. If the voltages are unequal, the two Auto Transformer cause excess heat and damage the device.

Why Can’t Dry Auto Transformer Overload?

When the Auto Transformer overload, it results in excessive temperature. This high temperature will cause overheating, which results in the deterioration of the insulation and cause the failure of the device. But this doesn’t happen in the dry Auto Transformer that’s why dry ones are most preferred.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we, one of the eminent Auto Transformer Exporters and Suppliers in India, are here to meet your overseas demand. We supply the Auto Transformer safely across the world. So no matter where you are in this world, we are here to take all your hassle and ship international-grade products to you.

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